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Beard transplant is the process of transplanting the beard follicles removed from the areas with intense and dense beard into the areas with thinner beard.   This process can be applied to chin, cheeks, favorite areas and mustache area.

No certain standard is available for the beard density or thinness. Beard transplant is a method preferred by men feeling discomfort by the thinness of their beard depending on the personal preferences. In beard transplant, intense donor hair taken over the cheekbones or back of the head is placed into the area where the beard is thin. Beard transplant can also be performed for the local losses occurring due to various reasons such as burns, injuries.

Skin redness on areas treated with needle during the transplant process usually takes 2-3 weeks for complete healing and disappearance. Daily life activities can be resumed a few days after the beard transplant process performed by local anesthesia.    After week 2, the transplanted hair starts to be lost temporary. Patients undergone beard transplant process can trim their beard 15 days after the process, and can shave approximately a month later.  The beard that are lost after the process can grow entirely 4-8 months later. The follicles of beard transplanted can sustain its growth up to 2 years.  Please note that you are advised to act in accordance with the recommendations and instructions of your physicians to avoid any scars on face and infections in the post-operation period.

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