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Hair and fair follicles occasionally become dull due to various reasons and fail to renew themselves. Hair needs to obtain the required vitamins from external sources. Hair mesotheraphy is a treatment process and technique involving injections of the vitamins, minerals, keratolytic-based agents, amino-acids and surface dilators required by hair directly into the scalp by using fine-tip needles for creating micro perforations. Directly injecting the entire agents required by hair into the scalp in the Mesotheraphy process yields much better results in comparison with the methods applied on hair. In post-hair mesotheraphy period, hair follicles shall be reinforced, hair strands shall be thickened and revived and rejuvenated and therefore, hair growth shall be stimulated, and hair shall enjoy a more condensed and vibrant looks. Hair mesotheraphy is also capable of stopping hair loss. A method that can be safely applied for every group of age, Hair Mesotheraphy is applied entirely under hygienic conditions. Number of sessions required for the completion of the treatment may vary depending on the hair structure and the extent of weariness. Hair Mesotheraphy is a treatment method and technique that can be applied against hair loss for both men and women.

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