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 1. DAY

Hair transplant surgical session usually takes around 4-8 hours. After the process, the donor area is bandaged. Area where the hair is transplanted shall be left exposed and the patient shall be sent home for recovery. The cause for the overall whiteness appearing on the hair roots in the post transplantation process is minor scalp residues resulting from the punch sites and transplant process.

The patient is advised to rest for about 3 days until the first hair wash in the post-transplant process.

 2. DAY

Area where the transplant is performed starts to be scabbed slowly. This is the initial indication of healing of the scalp. In this process, hair roots and scabs shall not be touched by no means. Mild bleedings can be observed occasionally on hair roots located on the transplant area. Certain fluids injected in the hair roots during the hair transplant surgical session shall be excreted by the body from the hair root in the first couple of days.

 3. DAY

First hair wash process is performed in the hair transplant center. Scabs shall slowly be healed after the first hair wash. The bandage on the donor area shall be removed during the hair wash process. The complete healing of the donor area shall generally be realized after day 3. Healing of the scabs shall be observed slowly upon the performance of the hair wash process on day 3.  The healing on the scabs shall be visible within day 3. The scabs that were blood-red shall turn into a brown color after day 3. Please note that you are not advised to remove the scabs and wait for them to casted by itself after the complete healing of the hair roots.


In the healing process after scabbing, scabs eventually become brown or even yellowish color and casted accordingly. The healing process of the hair roots proceeds likewise.

10. DAY

On day 10 following the hair transplant, scabs start to be casted by themselves. After the hair wash process on day 11, scabs shall entirely be removed from the hair roots. However, due to distinctive and varying metabolisms and cell renewal of individuals, the conditions influencing the healing process (such as smoking and dietary and hygiene rules) should also be taken into consideration. When all these conditions are observed and fulfilled, the complete healing in the post-hair transplant period can be realized within 10-13 days.

15. DAY

Hair growing can be visible.  You are advised not to dry your hair with towel. You may experience slight hair loss. Those are within the natural process of hair transplant. You are advised not to dye your hair. You are advised not to wear anything on your hair such as hats, caps, etc. If you have scabs on your hair that are not removed yet, you are advised to contact your physician. You are strictly requested not to remove the scabs. You are advised not to scratch the area by your fingernails. It is quite normal for you to experience numbness on the transplant area within this process.


The hair strands transplanted shall start to be lost slowly after 1 month following the hair transplant process. The ones that shall be lost are the hair strands not the hair follicles. Hair shall slowly start to grow on the follicles. Please do not hesitate or worry because of losing hair within this process. This is among the natural processes of hair transplant.



Your hair starts to grow for 1.5 cm on a monthly basis. Hair follicles shall appear on the transplant area along with minor pustules and acnes. Those minor pustules and acnes should not worry you.  Hair transplanted on certain areas may grow intensively and voluminously and certain parts may experience less intense growth.


Now your hair follicles blazingly start to appear as stubbly beard. However, there can be some acnes and pustules on certain areas. You may now start experiencing your normal way of living.


While certain areas may experience more intensive hair growth, other areas may experience a thin growth. You should not allow this situation worry you, this is one of the natural processes of hair transplant.


Now your hair starts to grow %90. Upon this period, you are free to comb your hair however you like and apply haircare products on your hair.

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