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Nowadays, 1 out of 3 men suffers from hair shedding resulting to continuous hair loss. Women can also suffer from continuous hair loss defined as “Men’s Hair Loss”. Hair loss usually occurs depending on, sorrow, stress, malnutrition and a great deal of other various reasons. Hair loss induces permanent baldness after some time.

Permanent treatment of hair loss is feasible by hair transplant. Hair transplant is a micro surgical process performed by specialist physicians in sterile operating theaters. Hair strands grows from hair follicles named as grafts. Around 1-4 hair strands can grow from 1 graft. Prior to hair transplant, the physician calculates the number of grafts required by the patient and plans where these hair strands are to be provided.

The hair between two ears on the back of neck is defined as “permanent hair”.  These hair follicles do not have any sensitivity to testosterone and sustains its existence for the lifetime. Hair transplant process is the transplantation of hair grafts taken from the back of the neck to the area with the hair loss. Grafts taken within the transplant process performed with local anesthesia are placed into the incisions created on the area with hair loss, the process shall then be finalized by sterile bandaging the areas exposed to process.

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