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Various different methods are applied and practiced in the hair transplant process that can be summarized as transplantation of healthy hair follicles to the recipient area with no hair or intense hair loss. The most popular hair transplant method of recent years is FUE. In this method, hair follicles extracted from donor area with healthy hair follicles are transplanted on areas with permanent hair loss.

2 methods are practiced for the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area. First one is extraction or removal by micromotor and other one is extraction or removal manually one by one by a specialist physician. In the manual hair transplant that takes quite a considerable amount of time, successful results are achieved. While the losses in extraction of hair grafts by micromotor indicates around 10-15%, the rate of loss does not exceed 1 percent in manual process.  Grafts shall be remained in sterile water after manual extraction and transplanted into the excisions created and planned previously. Irritation of the donor areas can also be avoided by the help of the manual hair transplant method.  Manual hair transplant is applied by specialist individuals only in distinguished and exclusive centers.   It takes an average of 2 days for a physician to extract the hair grafts and that is quite a long and tiring process. However, results obtained shall render manual hair transplant process as the most preferred method among others.

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