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Mustache changes the appearance of men to a substantial extent. Being with our without mustache depends on one’s preference, certain men cannot grow mustache or grows thin mustache due to genetic reasons. Cuts and burns caused by various diseases or accidents may result in losses on the mustache area. This condition can be treated by mustache transplant. Men who do not like the intensity and shape of their mustache can now enjoy trimming and dressing their mustache by mustache transplant.

Mustache transplant is the process of transplanting the hair follicles extracted by FUE technique from the back of the head on the upper lip area, so-called the mustache area. The most effective and preferred method in mustache transplant is FUE technique.

In FUE method, hair follicles extracted from the donor area are transplanted on the planned mustache area promptly and without losing any time.  In this method, micro-needles are used for the extraction and transplantation of hair follicles and therefore, irritation or scars on the area shall be avoided accordingly. One who does not have any mustache can have his healthy and dense mustache after the transplantation of approx. 1,000 follicles. However, in case of requesting a more dense appearance, the number of follicles to be transplanted should be increased.

When the recovery process in the post-mustache transplant process are completed, one with mustache transplant shall have mustache with quite a natural appearance.

Red blood clots occur on the area during the mustache transplant due to micro-needles used and this redness appearance disappears after the first wash. First washing process shall be done within 24-48 hours upon the recommendations of the physician. In 2-3 days, mustache shall have its natural appearance. The transplanted mustache shall start to be lost 2 weeks after the process and then permanent mustache shall start to grow. The mustache lost shall entirely grow within 4-8 weeks. In around 1 year, the appearance of mustache with entirely natural appearance and desired intensity shall be accomplished.

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