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Elit Hair Trans Patient Consultant
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The entire hair transplant methods is performed by applying local anesthesia to the area subject to operation. However, just like in hair transplant methods in recent years, cutting-edge technology is utilized for the applied anesthesia methods. Local anesthesia can be applied without using needle by “anesthetic device” that is the product of advanced technology.

In this application that is also known as “needleless anesthesia”, anesthetic agent placed within the anesthetic device ensuring local anesthetization is pulverized with pressure on the area of hair transplant process. By means of this process, the anesthetic agent

penetrates subcutaneous area. Thanks to “needleless anesthesia”, hair transplant process can be performed with minimum pain levels. “Needleless anesthesia” facilitates the decision-making process of the individuals that suffers from vaccinophobia and is uneasy about injections to make up their minds regarding the hair transplant process.


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