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Elit Hair Trans Patient Consultant
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Hair transplant is ranked among the top aesthetic operations that are performed the most by the men in particular in the recent years. Generally, the entire hair is shaved or nearly shaved completely prior to the hair transplant process. In the process of “Unshaven Hair Transplant” in where the natural appearance is
maintained in hair transplant process, patients who will undergo this process are requested to further grow their hair prior to the operation. The objective of “Unshaven Hair Transplant” application is to hide the area performed with the hair transplant within the hair grown. Primarily, the donor area where the grafts (hair follicles) are to be taken shall be determined. The 2nd stage is the process of collection of the healthy and strong follicles identified. The hair follicles that are to be transplanted shall be transplanted on the areas determined as the last stage. Hair transplant process performed in the hair grown preserves the natural appearance. Growth of hair transplanted by Unshaven Hair Transplant process is ensured within this natural process. Unshaven Hair Transplant is applied on women and men with small area subject to hair transplant and the space among hair that is sufficiently thin to allow hair transplant.

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